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Non Indicating White Silica Gel

We are a leading Service Provider of silica gel desiccant bags from Noida, India.

Silica Gel Desiccant Bags

Silica Gel Desiccant Bags
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Service Details:
Minimum Order Quantity10 Kg
Packaging Size1 kg
Physical StateCrystels
ApplicationAbsorbant of moisture
Moisture content40 persrnt
Physical FormSolid form
Country of OriginMade in India

Silica gel is a highly effective and widely used moisture absorbent and desiccant. It is composed of small, porous beads made from silicon dioxide, a natural compound found in quartz and sand. Silica gel has a remarkable ability to adsorb moisture and is commonly employed for various applications where humidity control and moisture prevention are essential. silica gel is a versatile and efficient moisture absorbent with a wide range of applications. Its ability to adsorb and hold moisture, combined with its reusability and safety, makes it an invaluable tool for protecting products and materials from moisture-related damage. Whether used in packaging, storage, or various industrial processes, silica gel helps maintain product quality and integrity by controlling humidity levels.

 Here is a description of silica gel as a moisture absorbent:

Physical Characteristics: Silica gel is typically found in the form of small, translucent or semi-translucent beads, crystals, or granules. These beads have a high surface area due to their porous structure, which allows them to adsorb and hold moisture.


Hygroscopic Properties: Silica gel is renowned for its hygroscopic nature, meaning it has a strong affinity for water molecules. It can adsorb up to 40% of its own weight in moisture, making it one of the most efficient desiccants available.


Moisture Control: Silica gel is used to control humidity and prevent moisture-related issues in a wide range of applications. It is commonly found in packaging materials for products sensitive to moisture damage, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, leather goods, and food products.


Reusability: One of the advantages of silica gel is its ability to be reused. After reaching its moisture absorption capacity, silica gel can be regenerated by heating it to a specific temperature (typically around 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit or 120-150 degrees Celsius) to drive off the absorbed moisture, making it ready for reuse.



Indicator Types: Some silica gel products are designed with color indicators that change when the gel is saturated with moisture. This visual cue helps users determine when it's time to replace or regenerate the desiccant.

Non-Toxic and Safe: Silica gel is non-toxic and safe for most applications. It is commonly used in food packaging and pharmaceuticals because it does not pose health risks when accidentally ingested. However, some types of silica gel may contain additives, so it's important to check product specifications for suitability in specific applications.


Environmental Considerations: Silica gel is environmentally friendly and can be disposed of without causing harm. It doesn't release any harmful chemicals when absorbing moisture or during regeneration.


Variety of Packaging: Silica gel is available in various packaging options, including sachets, canisters, beads in breathable bags, and bulk quantities. This versatility allows it to be used in a wide array of applications.


Long Shelf Life: Silica gel has a long shelf life when stored properly in sealed containers. It remains effective for years, making it a reliable choice for long-term moisture control.


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